October 10, 2015

Duster | PIMP

Dacia Duster is an light Sport Utility Vehicle launched by the Romanian manufacturer at Geneva Motor Show in 2010. Since then, the car gets a face lift in September 2013. The statistics tells us that in 2013, the Dacia Duster was the third best-selling SUV in the world. The Duster is sled both under the brand Dacia as well as Renault.
First generation of Duster is represented at 1/43rd scale by Solido. A decent model, good details apart the interior full black. But isn’t as bad as it seems, because the real car has full black interior.
As usual, I’m not pleased with the standard image of this little SUV. So, orange paint, white roof, big rims and clear headlamps enhanced the general look of my scale model. The interior remains in full black.
Here it is what we’re talking about:

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