November 07, 2015

Reault Mégane | USAF | tribute

Reault Mégane is a family car produced by the French maker, Renault. As the European car market classification, it is a C-segment car. The first generation were launched in 1995 as a successor of the Renault 19.
In 2002 Renault presented the second generation of Megane. An total redesign of the car, a design which last for several years, till 2008 where the 3rd generation were launced.

The 2nd and the3rd generation of the Megane, offered a sport version, called RS (RenaultSport). The car are manufactured at Dieppe, the traditional factory for the sporty versions of the French maker, Renault, and headquarter of the Renault Sport division.

The 2nd generation offered both 3 doors and 5 doos body in RS version. For the 3rd generation, they decided to sell the Megane RS just in the 3 door body. For the 5 door body, the sportiest version is the GT.

Renault Mégane III is reproduced by Welly in the 5 door body variant. The engine reproduced by the manufacturer is the 2.0l essence. The modifications I made are mainly the paint job, WW II USAF theme. I modified also the front lip, the side skirts and the rear lip too. The stance was also modified and the model gets 18 inch rims and stretched tires.
I hope this unusual treatment makes you fall in love with this very normal family car.
But I wrote enough, let's enjoy the ride: 


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