January 25, 2016

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

Hello all,
First post this year. Something unusual for me, but I was amzed when I saw this legend at 1|43rd scale.
I'm talking about the Tiger I , a German heavy tank of WW II deployed from 1942 in Africa and Europe usually in independent heavy tank battalions. Its final designation was Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E often shortened to Tiger. The Tiger I gave the Wermacht its first armoured fighting vehicle that mounted the KwK 63 88-mm gun. Only 1,347 were built between August 1942 and August 1944. Production was phased out in favour of the Tiger II.

While the Tiger I has been called an outstanding design for its time,[6] it was over-engineer, using expensive materials and labour-intensive production methods. The Tiger was prone to certain types of track failures and breakdowns, and was limited in range by its high fuel consumption. It was expensive to maintain, but generally mechanically reliable. It was also difficult to transport, and vulnerable to immobilization when mud, ice and snow froze between its overlapping and interleaved Schachtellaufwerk-pattern road wheels, often jamming them solid. This was a problem on the Eastern Front in the muddy and winter weather conditions. 

The model is a 1|43rd scale die-cast and plastic ready-made model. It is the first from a new series launched in France and called “Chars de Combat 1/43 de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale”.

The scale is a little bit unusual for military models. But it fits very well with 1|43 trucks and cars. Also, if you put a 1|48th scale figure near the model, it would not be out of scale!

Those advantages made me buy this model instantly. And more of this, it is a big scale Tiger!
The treatment it gets I mainly a weathering putting in evidence some details that the serial production couldn’t do.

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