April 02, 2016


Roman Brasov:  a Romanian truck factory with a long story behind it. All begins in 1921. A little factory called ROMILOC was created. This factory produces railway rolling stock and later engines and automotive. After 1948, when the communist party get the power, the factory is called “Steagul Rosu” (The Red Flag). Step by step the factory specializes in the manufacturing of trucks and utility vehicles.
In 1971 they produces ROMAN trucks. There are two payloads: 7 to 12 ton and 10 to 16 ton.
This trucks war equipped with two kind of engines: SAVIEM (in line 6 cylinders, 5491 cc and 135 hp) and MAN (in line 6 cylinders, 1o349 cc and 215 hp). Lately was provides also more modern engines, mainly MAN which accomplishes the demands of EURO 4 de-pollution norms.
The chassis was made in a wide range of length and several wheel axle configuration (4x2, 4x4 and 6x4).
Until 2000, almost 750,000 trucks had been produced.
The conversion below represents a well-known type of truck in the communist era in Romania. The goal of this kind of truck was to transport both the personnel and some materials and tools. To be noted is that type of truck wasn’t produced in the factory but by each enterprise by on it own, adapted at its needs. Lately, the ROMAN factory put this kind of rear configuration in the serial production.  Dac 7.110 F and  Dac 7.112 F were available for selling.
I made the conversion using an ROMAN DIESEL 1@43rd truck from the German collection of eastern trucks. The cabin and the chassis are not modified (just a little bit weathered) and all rear structure (personnel cabin and cargo / freight transport area).
I let you enjoy the ride.

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