May 15, 2016

Mk II | stanc'd

Hello friends,

New model finished few weeks ago.

This is a Revell 1/24 kit. I start working on it several years ago, in 2014. The kit is not a simple one, and, especially the final assembly phase, requires experience. I would recommend it more for experienced modellers than for beginners.

About the car, not much to say. The 2nd generation of Golf were ment to continue the legend and it did it well. It is one of the world-wild “kult” car.

My model has some mods that torns it in an unique model.

  • The Scale Production GL kit
  • Front seats home casted in resin
  • Aoshima 14’ deep rims
  • Stance suspension
  • Exhaust pipe custom made
  • Big front window conversion (Mr. Revell gives us the first generation of frond doors with splitted window's glass)
  • Shaved look (door handles, badges and so on…)
  • DeLLorto carburettors
  • Engine wiring and piping

But is better to see the final result than read my text:

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