July 20, 2018

DACIA 13oo @ 1|8th - Engine and Engine Frame

Hello guys,
It's big, it has details. It is a pity not to go further with all these details. As first experience with a big scale model I can say that the level of details are amazing. Not big difference between this model and the real one except the technologically imposes (some thickness, screws out of scale and the way of assembling some parts). In this first episode we can see the engine and the engine frame ready to be assembled withe the main central floor. You have to notice a little weathering. In this way will be treated all the model. Our car is a used one, well-maintained but not new car.
As detailing I can mention
-painting the frame in the body colour (original Red 27)
-detailing the engine as real one
-transforming all apparent screws from round head in hexagon head
Enjoy the details
Next chapter : the main floor assembly and detailing

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