July 06, 2018

Ferrari 25o GTO | Getting in Detail

So, the time I have the Saint Grail has arrived! 
Ferrari 250 GTO! 
I have It!
I choose the Kyosho 1/18th because of his proportions. And it is awesome! What stance, what shape. I can't get my eyes off.
But... you know my habits... I thought to modify it. In this case it is about detailing the HiEnd Kyosho 1|18th Ferrari 250 GTO.
The model is outstanding except the under-body where there are no wires, pipes or rubber pipes. So, I get some documentation on the net and I replicated the most of them. I'm pretty sure there are not identical with the real car, but as general look is pretty good. We have to take in account that in reality there are some kind of unique treatment for each car. The history of every one of them puts the mark on the car itself making an unique car. Sometimes there are big changes except the chassis number, which it is the only fixed point in the universe of each one from the 39th units ever made.
So, knowing the mass production model, I'll show you what I have done.
Enjoy the pics below.

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