January 02, 2020

January 2o2o | 7th year begins

I celebrate now, at the begining of 2020, 7 years of existence of the concept called custom | scale | car. It all started in 1998 with my first custom model, which is still in my shelf in the first row
At time I sacrificed a Bugatti EB 110 from Bburago to put on this 993 the BBS rims and a 996 GT3 to grab the rear wing and adapt it to my 993 engine hood. The interior is tan beige with cage from 996 GT3 , the front lip is modified also (993 Turbo style) and the tail lights are putted two generations back, being separated by a body colored segment. I 'm still proud with this realization, remember it was 1998. 

After this, my passion for modified models exploded, After some forum sharing of my works (see the article about AS3 models on this blog), 15 years later in 2013 I decided to share my works via this blog. It was a great emotion, I remember as today, the publishing of my first post!
But old good time is gone. I had an year not so reach in posting but reach enaugh on working at some models.
Being passionate by DACIA I finalized the 1:8th scale model. For me it is the most important event of 2019 because we celebrated 50 years of DACIA. My tribute to DACIA 13oo is this model. Soon photos with the model in detail. Till then a little teaser.

So, those being said, a new header will celebrate the start of the 2020 on custom | scale | car
Thank you all for reading me in spite of my lack of activity

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