March 25, 2020

Lock-down Works | Ford T | easy restoration part 1

Hello friends,
After a long time I decided to build a plastic kit.
Unfortunately, the social context - the COVID - 19 pandemic generates a lot of free time.
So, I said to take this advantage. I looked very analytically at the stack I had behind the living room door and chose this kit from ICM.
It is a Ford T model 1913, a brass era car, beautifully shaped and very interesting. About Ford T there make no sense to write any word because everybody has his own story about. Some of us saw one, in a museum or at a "Concour d'elegance", or heard somebody talking about a T, or I don't know what. he truth is that car is a rliving legend and it is still so present in our lives.
But I can say few words about the ICM kit:
It consists of several gray plastic frames, one transparent plastic and one cream plastic covered with a layer of gold finish.
The gold finish frame wants to be brass, the car belonging to "brass era". At a first look, the gold plated pieces the aspect seems to be "Chinese toy". Doesn't matter, I told myself. I'll correct this thing. Unfortunately, that "chrome" layer is the worst coating I could see in my entire modeling life. It peels off at the slightest aggression! 
More: the gold coating is insensitive to any stripper! Pfff ... The solution is patience and cutter blade and practically I had to peel off the pieces and repainting after with MIG old brass.
Here is something to discuss because the manufacturer proposes, in my opinion, too much brass on the car. Many brass parts will be painted black or, which is a plus, because we replace that nasty golden brass.
Now honestly I'm not sure how an original car looks like ... The references I will take into account are some restored T's that I personally like how they look.
Well, over all ipression about this KIT is that we are talking about quality Zero burrs and precise shapes (not like Tamiya but ...) which favors a "fast forward" assembly especially if you want to uild this kit out of the box
So let's start!
first of all, I will not respect the assembly order proposed by the manufacturer. You will see how I will proceed to assembly this tiny car.

So, that's all till now.
Next days I'll have to show you the assembly and the painting of the kit.
See you soon

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