February 23, 2020

LADA 1200 | General Lee

Two years ago, during a trip in Armenia, I bought 3 car models 1@24th scale made by Hachette for Russian market : Lada 1200, Lada 1500 and Volga M24.

I always dream in my childhood at the modified cars of those times. At that time there wasn't a lot if tuned cars, so I can see modified cars just in competitions: rally, circuit races, hill climbing and so on.
The main feature for all those race prepared cars was the stance and deep dish rims. Like in nowadays, for the stanced lowered cars.
The '80-s and '90-s fascinated me... being my initiation in the automotive world.
Remembering this and wanted to have on my desk my childhood atmosphere, I'm modifing some representatives cars.
One of them is this LADA 1200. The style is not a pure '80-s but a modern one. Deep dish Aoshima rims, lowered at the max, General Lee Charger decals and chrome trims redone with MolotoW product.
The base from Hachette 1@24th scale
And the moded stanced General Lee LADA 12oo

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