February 15, 2020

dodged viper | memories

Hello all,

Making some cleaning, I found this model in an exceptional condition forgotten in a dusty drawer.
I'am talking about a Bburago 1/43rd scale red Dodge Viper. Instantly, I decided to keep it safely from now on. Why? Because it remembers me the time when buying a scale model was a real celebration! I was at the high school when in my native country, Romania, appears at the gas stations were sold scale models. At the time the only brand we could find was Bburago. Later, in late '90s we could find also some Solido models (for example the R12 Gordini which today in Romania can by sell around 80 - 100€). The main barrier between me and the scale models was the price. For me, in '90s, buying a model means I needed to save some money by renouncing at other things. And to renounce when you are a teeanger is very difficult!
I'm sure that all collectors lived such a period in life, fact that make us to appreciate the "toys" which resisted over the time. 
I was really surprise what condition has this little Viper, no paint damages, no rim chrome faded or other things like this.
The level of details is basic, the tail lights being just molded in the body as well as the front fog lamps.
The interior is all black, as most of the entry level models nowadays. Just the headlamps are in cleap plastic, and if you have the curiosity to disassemble a Bburago 1/43 scale model you will see that the windshield is a common part with the headlamps. Interesting way to reduce the number of parts!
The model is untouched excepting some panel lines washing I made long time ago.
Being one of the icons in '90s and early 2000, I have in my collection a Viper RT/10 1@18th scale by GT Spirit and an GTS modified by Bburago also - viper-old-school on customscalecar.blogspot
 But let's see some pictures whit this scale model.

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