July 08, 2020

Lock-down works | Trabant 601 | universal

Something new for me this time. Not a putted down wreck car, not a stance clean look old school, not even a rusted old guy. Just a Trabant out of the box (OOB). Of course, some upgrades for detailing as close as possible of reality this Revell kit were added.
But, first of all, few words about the kit. Revell propose a very detailed kit at this scale. A lot of separate parts for every tiny pipe in the engine bay, a very detailed and correct under-body and also a good interior.
The details are amazing already OOB, and, if you spend some time adding more here and there, you will have a very correct scale model. I personally added some wires, nuts for front and rear shock absorbers and also for suspension.
Not more than this, and of course, painting and weathering where needed. The color I choose is a Light Grey,  called Delphingrau in Trabant color palette. The color was used between 1976 and 1990. Th white roof is my preferred style touch for the Trabant cars. The tiny car with the white roof I always remember from my childhood.
But let's see some pictures of the model I build:

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