December 23, 2020

vette C8 | short review & mod description

There is long time since I modified a budget model car. 
After detailing a G-Class from Minichamps, a Vette C4 from AutoArt and several other premium models, I returned at the pleasure of turning a budget diecast modelcar into a collection custom model.
Long story short. I felled in love with a Corvette C8 by Maisto. It was love at first sight. After I unboxed it, I was not disappointed.
The paint is very glossy (nice surprise) but also very thick. That's bad surprise because every panel gap is almost invisible (bumper / fender, roof panel gaps and so on). A nice surprise also is the fact that the panel gaps are very small comparing with what we expect from a 35€ 36o° open diecast model car. Maisto made something on that and they did it well. Congrats for this!
The interior is somehow basic. There are no different textures on the elements apart of carbon fiber traditional relief shape. The gap lines in interior are also bad represented. You have to guess them more than see them. On the other hand, we have all we need at the interior for making a decent representation : buttons tampography, instrument panels decals and little other details.
But overall I find this model a very good base for making a custom model, so I did it.
For instance no new rims but it is forecasted in the near future.
The list of mods, not all of them below
- stance
-chromed lip for rims
-black tinted engine hood window
-lateral air intakes detailed
-tan leather interior
-dash board detailed
-textile seat belts & realistic boucle
-carpeted interior
-side windows semi raised (HW Elite style)
-number plate for rear

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