February 08, 2015

beetle | air ride stance

Volkswagen Beetle - there is no need to remember the (hy)story of this car. Everybody, even isn't a car addicted, knows about it. Just tow facts to remeber:
1. The Beetle (Kafer) was produced since 1938 until 2003 in 21,529,464 units
2. In 1997 The Beetle is reborn : New Beetle is the successor of the well-known Kafer. In 2011 the A5 generation is simply named "Beetle".
What does it means? It means that this cute car is made from 1938 till today. And there are no perspective to stop its production
The model I grabbed is an 1|24th scale Beetle (2o11), the last generation and the most technically evolved, produced by Welly. The quality of execution lets me speechless, especially seeing the price. Around 10€. But enough words. Please enjoy the ride:
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