February 04, 2015

willys jeep | the chassis

Italeri KIT of the little Willys Jeep is amazing.
The design of this kit shows us the experience Italeri got by designing truck kits.
The scale of 1|24th give you enough room to create something pretty nice to display.
The kits has only two sprue moulded in green (khaki) plastic, and one sprue in transparent plastic. They are mainly one sprue for the body, the other for the chassis, engine and axles. On the transparent sprue you can find two tail-lights for a civilian vehicle. You can use for making a non-army version or on another vintage or classic car.
But lets see how the Jeep was born. The car was demanded by US Army as a need of the replacement of the old transportation vehicles in service since the WWI. The initial demand was launched in 1930 but not formalized until 1940. Several manufacturers presented their project. In July 1941, due to the fact that the War Department wants to standardize,  the Willys were chosen for producing the next 16 000 vehicles. In October 1941 it becomes obvious that Willis-Overland can not keep the production at the desired volume and Ford was contacted to produce the little 4x4 vehicle.
The origin of the name « Jeep » for me is uncertain. The most accurate explanation I fin dis the reading of the acronym, GP. The GP were the name with the Ford cars went in production. « G » is from the word « Government » and the « P » is the standard Ford letter given to the passenger cars with an 80 inches wheel base. There is also a link between the name of the car, « Jeep » and the Eugene the Jeep, Popeye's pet. Personally I get it as a coincidence, not as the origin of the name of the car.
As I told you, I was very pleased by the Italeri’s design of the model. 
By putting together the parts on this sprue, we can get the chassis as you can see below.

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