February 14, 2015

willys jeep | the story

This time my model has a story:

It served in the army during the WWII. During the time, the rust takes his territory and completely rusted the little Jeep!
A guy found it, and bought it for a dime from the garage owner. He repaired its body, but only superficial with some putty and laid down on the car several layers of sand color.
At this time, it looks good, like it were restored. The surfaces were smooth, the paint shines and nothing shows that it was a rusty Jeep.
But after a while, starts to rust out the new paint and sandy paint cracks! The current owner puts his hands on the head because of trouble!
Poor guy! He realizes the trick. He thought to scratch the sand paint where he knew that he could find inscriptions on military vehicles.
So, he saw what his car was! It was sent to Europe in NY harbour. The thing is that the hood has found two registrations. One of the left and the other to the right of the engine hood. So it was in two different units. It’s weird, isn’t it!
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