February 21, 2015

volvo c3o | daily racer

Volvo C3o is a compact four seater manufactured by Volvo Cars. It was produced between 2oo6 and 2o13 a a single generation with a facelift in 2o11.
The top engine provided for this car is an 2,521 cc (2.5 L; 153.8 cu in) in line 5 turbo which puts at the accelerator pedal for the driver around 23o Hp and 320 Nm. For a daily driver is is enough.
A particular design signature for C3o I consider to be the rear styling and frameless glass recalling Volvo's earlier P18oo
The model is an 1|24th scale reproduction by Welly. I changed the rims (you can see 5 fixing screws for front rims and 4 for rear). Putted the brake disks and brake callipers (what a shame, Mr. Welly, you didn't do this...). The interior gets also a brick red accents and black for being more realistic. But we talked enough! Enjoy the ride.

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